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Over the past decade, we have grown as a company by pioneering with honesty and craftsmanship. Our forefathers may have embedded within us an unparalleled appreciation and dependency on agriculture, but our original creativity and expertise continue to power our efforts to give the world premium quality and superior tastes. As part of the Linden Food Group, we compliment their vast scale and capabilities with our unique artisanal approach to award-winning meat.

our story

timeless traditions

Our Irish heritage and its exclusiveness are not only dependent on Fermanagh’s abundance of soft temperate rain, but the heritage and tradition through the people and families that have nurtured the land and its produce.

creative thinking

As the original ‘dry aged company’, we knew we needed to do something even better. This is why we decided to create our own new and unique Salt Moss Ageing chambers using hand-crafted seaweed salt bricks – bringing the Irish sea to the Irish land.

the best taste

Often when our esteemed customers from around the world taste our meat, they describe it as beef of yesteryear, true to flavour with a depth that bursts on the palette and leaves you reaching for another forkful!


a passion for people

Kettyle was born from passion, curiosity and the quest to create a brand that is Irish by nature, and transparent with its integrity and respect of Ireland’s greatest asset, its people. With a focus on sustainability, we want to be part of our country’s history and to help our partners diversify and produce excellence, time and time again.

exceptional farming

Kettyle is nestled in areas of outstanding beauty such as the Kerry Hills, Golden Vale and the drumlins of Fermanagh. The result is premium quality grass-fed beef. Grass-reared beef is nutrient-rich with health benefits including fewer calories, greater Omega 3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and micronutrients all of which emanate from a healthy life in the field.

a cut above

A written specification is only a guideline for our master butchers. They carefully select each animal and cut with unique specialisation. Every cut is handled differently, and they use their expertise to respectfully achieve the optimum product. Our butcher’s knowledge, along with our processes, always deliver supreme tenderness that carries through to an exquisitely tender eating experience.


we know our

At Kettyle, we have cultivated long-standing relationships with 1000s of farmers and regularly audit their operations to ensure the health regime and provenance of each animal. From large-scale farming to a family with just two cattle, we know them, we support them, and we work with them to maximise their longevity and protect their heritage.

green track

Our farmers stay true to the principles of traditional animal husbandry and raise beef cattle, sheep and pigs to enjoy healthy, stress free lives. Kettyle’s family of suppliers and farmers adhere to our own “Green Track standard” – guaranteeing DNA traceability, husbandry standards and sustainability that sets us apart from all others.

from nose
to tail

We understand that the complete animal deserves the reverence of entire utilisation – from nose to tail. The maturation, the craft and the knowledge of traditional butchery leads to a much more exciting catalogue of cuts that will enable Kettyle to continue thinking creatively and providing the best beef.

original creativity

original thinking

As the original ‘dry aged company’, we knew we needed to do something even better. This is why we decided to create our own new and unique Salt Moss Ageing process using handcrafted seaweed salt bricks – bringing the Irish sea to the Irish land.

salt moss ageing

Kettyle meat is enclosed in our Salt Moss chamber (cave) for 28 days. As the cave walls are hygroscopic in nature, they draw moisture towards them, yet allow it to pass through and leave the chill environment. And, as the walls have a high potassium level, the dry culture within the chill is maintained and self-managed.

unique and imaginative

Our Atelier range is what we like to call our ‘Innovation centre’. It includes unique and creative cuts of meat which are often driven by chef demand. We’re always experimenting with different cuts which is part of our craft. The combination of Salt Moss Ageing and unique cuts is what puts us above our competitors.

unique taste

truly tender

People are hungry for a more in-depth flavour and Salt Moss Ageing provides this with a rounded, well-balanced beefiness that is rivalled by no other method. Our Salt Moss Ageing process concentrates the flavour of the meat and renders the fat to a dry flakiness. Loins and Ribs are cocooned which relaxes the muscles to create an exquisitely tender eating experience.

deeply delicious

The dry nature of Salt Aged meat enables it to caramelise quickly on the pan, sealing and locking in the sweet yet nutty beefiness. The colour profile is that of treacle – rich and dark. Often when our esteemed global customers taste our meat, they describe it as beef of yesteryear, true to flavour with a depth that bursts on the palette.

perfect pork & lamb

Our Salt Moss Aged lamb and pork are no different. The taste explosion is unlike any other lamb or pork counterpart in the market – its rich yet not too strong. All year round,
it carries a spring lamb taste profile and fat that is as moreish as the meat itself. The pork loses all strong pork notes and instead carries a profound savouriness and rich juicy flavour.

maurice kettyle

“Passion, Knowledge and Craftmanship were the original pillars of our business 17 years ago. They are still alive today and regularly get used. A fond memory of mine was from the early days delivering to restaurants myself in an old Renault Van. On the way to Belfast a key customer (I only had a couple) demanded bones for his stockpot. Thinking quickly, I rang the local abattoir en route and organised that I collect 40 kgs on the way past. They had no means of cutting the long femur bones into manageable pieces, so I called into B&Q on the way and purchased a new hand saw with a box of sterile wipes. After pulling up the foot path outside the restaurant close to Queens University Belfast I proceeded to climb into the van with another driver (who had detoured to assist in the operation). The doors were shut and cutting commenced. After 10 minutes with the operation complete, we climbed out of the van to an audience of about 40 students cheering. What was going through their heads was obvious as we were both in a sweat and the old van had been rocking vigorously for 10 minutes. The main consolation was the chef was happy.”

The man that came up with the idea - Director

elaine willis

“I love working for Kettyle because I work with some amazing people who share the same vision and passion to achieve the best quality beef possible through our unique salt moss dry aging process. The continual drive in our business to innovate and break new boundaries means that we have been able to offer exceptional products to our customers year after year.”

Retail Director

lynda mckearny

“I have been at Kettyle for over 12 years. I enjoy being busy and active and because every day is different. I have too many funny stories from working here to mention 😊”

Scale Operator

curtis bennett

“I enjoy being able to build relationships and work closely with the customers by dealing with orders, deliveries, and general requests

I enjoy working for Kettyle: because of the family style work environment and the ability to grow and learn within different sections in the company.”

Sales & Logistics

duane kille

“We always have a great laugh at work, no 2 days are the same! I really enjoy the challenges I get day to day, and feel great to be able to make a change.”

Operations Manager

kathy ewing

“I enjoy the variety I get with my role and opportunities to progress. It’s fantastic to work with such great colleagues and products.”

Food Safety, Integrity and Quality Manager

stephen mclaughlin

“I love the environment at Kettyle, we have great people and management who all work well together. It’s a great place to work!”


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