Kettyle range

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grass-fed, salt aged &
hand-selected for
a delicious taste

Full 1

grass-fed, salt aged &
hand-selected for
a delicious taste

Every single person at Kettyle, from farmers to butchers, ensure each element of the process is handled with the utmost professionalism – from the treatment of animals through to the maturation process and finally to selecting and delivering the best cuts of meat for our customers.

kettyle core means quality meat

Our deep-routed traditions and rich heritage are coupled with our love of the Irish landscape to create an unrivalled passion for flavour. From rearing and butchering through to maturation, our craftsmen and women take great pride in their work and use their vast levels of skill to create unique tastes.

the right foundations

At Kettyle, we believe in honest craftsmanship.
We combine the true beauty and nourishing pastures of Irish lands with the natural produce of the Irish sea. With a love of our past and a constant drive towards a more flavoursome future, we do all we can to create the best quality meat and the most original flavours.

from welly boots
to wonderous beef

Our flat cap and welly wearing farmers, with a fascination for Red Massey Fergusons, are the custodians of our land. It’s our combined passion, through sustainability, to be part of Ireland’s history and to help our partners to diversify and produce excellence, time and time again.

expertly produced tastes

Not one single aspect of our entire process is overlooked or left to chance. From the treatment of our animals and the maturation process of the meat, through to the cut selection and butchery, our hand-selection and uncompromising quality shines through in the flavour of our fully traceable beef.

kettyle atelier is like no other

At Kettyle, we enthusiastically refine our craft to ensure the best tastes. Inspired by chefs, our Atelier range is about finding the most creative cuts of meat that add value to customers, provide superior quality, and ultimately lead to original flavours – both in restaurants and in homes.

inspired by chefs

At Kettyle, we know that chefs are always looking for the next unique flavour or cut of meat to enable them to create the best dishes. So, as pioneers in this industry, we ensure we stay ahead of the competition and create the next ‘best taste’ for chefs and everyone else alike.

we do things differently

We know we won’t create the next original flavour by relying on the processes and cuts of the past, so we create our own. We combine our knowledge and expertise with original thinking to explore the possibilities of meat ageing and butchery. This has led us to becoming real innovators and creators of unrivalled flavours.

why we do what we do

Our craftsmen and women at Kettyle are more than just farmers or butchers. They are experts with a knowledge that goes way beyond the requirements of their profession. So, we empower these dreamers to become do-ers and show us what they can achieve. When our global customers give us feedback like “a depth of flavour that bursts on the palette”, it simply drives our people to keep on developing amazing tastes.

kettyle’s salt moss ageing process

As mentioned in our Atelier section, we don’t rest on our laurels. Having perfected the traditional ageing processes for meat – we created our own. At Kettyle, we pioneered Salt Moss Ageing, using specialist chambers and seaweed salt bricks. The outcome is a unique and timeless flavour.

why salt moss ageing?

As the original ‘dry aged company’, we knew we needed to do something even better. This is why we decided to create our own new and unique Salt Moss chambers (caves) using handcrafted seaweed salt bricks – bringing the Irish sea to the Irish land. Pioneered and perfected by our own Kettyle experts, it’s a one-of-a-kind taste.

how it works

While the meat is cocooned in our chambers, it naturally continues to breathe whilst in an aerobic and naked form. As the walls are hygroscopic in nature, they draw moisture towards them, yet allow it to pass through and leave the chill environment. The beef is brought under a more stable control, quicker than a non-Salt Aged alternative, and due to high potassium levels in the walls, the dry culture within the chill is maintained and self-managed.

the unrivalled taste

Our Salt Moss Ageing process concentrates the flavour of the meat and almost renders the fat to a dry flakiness. Loins and ribs are also cocooned which relaxes the muscles to create an exquisitely tender eating experience. The dry nature of Salt Aged beef enables it to caramelise quickly on the pan, sealing and locking in the sweet yet nutty beefiness. The colour profile is that of treacle – rich and dark.

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