maurice kettyle

“Passion, Knowledge and Craftmanship were the original pillars of our business 17 years ago. They are still alive today and regularly get used. A fond memory of mine was from the early days delivering to restaurants myself in an old Renault Van. On the way to Belfast a key customer (I only had a couple) demanded bones for his stockpot. Thinking quickly, I rang the local abattoir en route and organised that I collect 40 kgs on the way past. They had no means of cutting the long femur bones into manageable pieces, so I called into B&Q on the way and purchased a new hand saw with a box of sterile wipes. After pulling up the foot path outside the restaurant close to Queens University Belfast I proceeded to climb into the van with another driver (who had detoured to assist in the operation). The doors were shut and cutting commenced. After 10 minutes with the operation complete, we climbed out of the van to an audience of about 40 students cheering. What was going through their heads was obvious as we were both in a sweat and the old van had been rocking vigorously for 10 minutes. The main consolation was the chef was happy.”